I love my kutti mouse

it has a blue light. and it’s smaller than my cell phone.


*sigh* first post? did i get everybody all right? Having decided not to tax the pink plastic pearl rattling around in the cavernous recesses of my skull, i have resorted to cosmetics to cover up for (or compliment, you choose) incompetence.

Can I be the human? Tash’we is an elven thief, and Maamuh is giant grunting fighter who keeps dying and forcing me to restart my game. Windrea, strangely, is now a girl, a cleric, and a lifesaver when s/he is not trodding over Urek’s genitalia. The Old Man, Jalal and the Fat Man, Rushta are actually the same person, or so this apocryphal chronicler says so: This is MY story, so keep your facts out of it. Which leaves the self-styled ABerdeen – a freak – to wrap up this completely incomplete list of Jolly Good Fellows who frequent my humble adobe called Treeoven.

We remain Kasewa.

And now we are tired. This creativity stuff shore drains us. 2bcontinued…

11 Responses to “I love my kutti mouse”

  1. Vivekdeep Gupta Says:

    ur mouse is a bitch??? Kutti??? lolz… :)

  2. not bad…especially liked the “urek genitilia” and fat man-old man bit…but hey u forgot the secret agent man ;-)

  3. Field Commander M Says:

    Sudhanshu Kasewa?
    Is this you? real estate? Jordan?

  4. dude … surreal bullshit … keep crapping … nothing beats wat is not there

  5. can’t remember my blog id, so anonymous. self styled(if styled at all)-i’ll take, freak-well, watever, nevermind!!! but where’s the pearl?

  6. Hey Kasewa, whats up with you, dude? Heard you got a Mohawk and everything that that implies…

    ok kidding!

    but why is your blog so pink?

  7. pink?!?!?!?! maybe you were right about the shrink…

  8. I actually plan to read your blog with a consistent irregularity.

  9. I actaully plan to read your blog with consistent irregularity.

  10. Malhar , the man ain’t dueaf…he’s been known to hear…not listen but hear alrt…

  11. Good read. Enjoyed it again!!

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