Pan-galactic gargle blaster

In one of life’s mysterious, unexpected twists:

There’s a friend of mine (a catholic lady, the sort who drinks alcohol for religious reasons, among others) who has a shot-glass collection. She’s traveled to many strange places, and picked up one in every city she’s been to.

There’s, of course, as such things go, another friend of mine (a muslim man, the sort who won’t buy me a drink if he was taking me out to dinner) who also has a shot-glass collection. In his own words: “My parents would travel, and get me up the smallest thing they could buy.”

3 Responses to “Pan-galactic gargle blaster”

  1. I like shot glasses too. Don’t use them much now, though. My favourite are the ones with pictures of Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles. Of those, my favourite is Buttercup.

    How it goes? I’m low on Fe.

  2. yess yess i know… mr. 42….but bhat is the question…

    if i were abducted… id choose vogon verse over an anal probe any day


  3. long time, old friend! yep, those slimy thugs, they’re all right. might try and kill you every now and then, but hey, so does corporate life.

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