instant messaging killed the in-person star

sigh… i too am part of the batches that were subjected to 24-hour internet and compulsory computers. not that i minded the convenience of it all. but the IM’ing thing really got to me. and i mean REALLY got to me.

and i can’t say that perhaps the other life where people would have to get out and talk to each other a lot more is better or worse or anything, because i didn’t live it. but i just thought the whole thing was phony (uh oh… i feel the holden caulfield in me surfacing).

and its not like one or two things about it was phony. i mean the whole goddamnned thing was out of control. group buzzes for missing books, chaddies and project group members. lame ‘comp hijacks’ proclaiming somebody’s misplaced their vaseline. the stupid emoticons and the umpteen misunderstandings with (usually) the opposite sex because of my absolute refusal to use them.

i have actually been in crowded rooms where two people’s (M & T, e.g.) idea of a quiet personal conversation was IM’ing each other from 8 feet apart.

thank god for AOE. now that was something i could online, and then get out and talk to my fellow players about over nimbu-paani/navycut at dadu’s.

i’m getting a strong sense of deja vu… have i griped about this before?

2 Responses to “instant messaging killed the in-person star”

  1. One day I just decided to stop using IM. It works wonders. More time for wikipedia!

  2. Perakath Says:

    Yeah I hate it myself. Five windows open at once, everyone asking you why you’re taking so long to reply… you basically spend the entire time apologising and explaining to people that you’re talking to someone else on the side.

    I do like the occasional smiley though :)

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