4 Responses to “Three”

  1. Hee hee. I can relate to the loser.

    (By the way…by “pendant” you mean “pedant” right? Pedants do tend to be a bit ornamental of course.)

  2. oh thanks yohan for saying it so now i dont feel bad…its pedant love. and wheeeee im in a comic strip!!! :D

  3. oi you. elloooo there :) been a while since the dilli beatles car ride which still floats over me comfortingly a lot :) ms kitty passed on ze link. i’m liking muchly. it reminded me of spectacular mr. xkcd. yes. you can die happily now :) ’tis a bit strange. coz i actually started a wee one of my own, scribbling at the back of a book, which currently sits collecting dust in some corner of my room. relegated it as pointless given my fervour for being an uber-talented gifted artist-of-types but gross inability. lol. i’m glad i see you at it. sometimes, you just need both the graphic and the written, right? should i consider you inspiration and dig up everything? :)

  4. @han – yes, pedant it was. i seem to be getting the hang of mspaint. now all i need is a proof-reader, heh…

    @min – yup. who needs originality when life is a cartoon?

    @drag.on – glad you like it! keep visiting, i’ve got enough ideas for the coming week at least. dunno about you, but these comics are the first truly creative (sorry _un_dead) thing i’ve done in a while. so it’s refreshing. please (good sense suggests) don’t hide your stuff from the world; let’s have it!

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