11 Responses to “xv”

  1. er….am I getting stupider or are they getting more cryptic? or has i been too long since we drank too much and you explained them to me in advance?

  2. I’m not sure I got it, either. I’m not even sure there was anything to get.
    But I laughed long and hard.
    Hare today, gone tomorrow! Hilarious!

  3. @min cat: i think you’re right about not having had a drink with you in too long. not because i explain them to you in advance, though!

    @murthy: hehe, glad to know you’re humouring yourself where i fail to!

  4. OH!!!! NOW i get it! boy do i feel stupid. *sheepish grin*

  5. dhruvonium Says:

    hehe…if this is what i think it is…(which now that i think about, it has to be!) good one! ;)

  6. dhruvonium Says:

    btw, is murthy ‘matter’?

  7. @dhruvonium – haha! matter will always be matter… good to know you’re checking in. a day later, i’m not so sure what’s the significance of this strip, but i enjoyed drawing it; a little different, a little colourful, a little plagiarism.

  8. uhhh this seems to have vanished…

  9. can’t see the image here.. am I missing something?

  10. @shrik & chiranth – it’s back. i was mucking around with the files, and it got deleted by accident

  11. hahah!! funnneee

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