let’s see who comes up with the funniest line for the last frame! come on, people, get your amoebiotic fluids running!


10 Responses to “xxiii”

  1. First thought that popped into head:

    I guess that’s what I get for looking like Iran now…

  2. this one is giving no. 19 a close fight. I think this one wins by a split decision!

  3. um… look ma no hands? i want a divorce? there ain’t room for two of us in this cell? how YOU dooin?

    hmmm i need something stronger than tea, no?

  4. I’m leaving you.

    I knew I should’ve used protection.

    Everytime I say the word “Happened”, this happens.

  5. i told you we look better with a pair of eyes :D! it’s the ‘in’ thing!

    -PS: this is becoming a fav stop for me :)
    keep it up

  6. “hey… i saw this on sixty minutes once… that was right before she started screEEAAAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!”

    “well, that’s a first”

    “oh man. i didn’t know what it did in the first place, and now i’ve got two of them”
    (if you didn’t find that funny, think about if you suddenly sprouted a second belly button…)

    thank you for the responses, guys! chandna, good one with the protection — very close to the one i had in mind, which shall come later.

    for all you lazy buggers — come on! there’s a hundred ones you could come up with! go for it!

  7. and to add one more from doug:

    “oh no. not again.”

  8. Oh man, as if one boring life wasn’t enough..and now a ‘Second Life’!!

  9. “Aaaah! Who the fuck are you” X 2
    One for each half…

  10. Gosh look at the time! I’ve gotta split…

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