sleepless and utterly
frustrated and rambling
on and on
about nothing.

there once were the hands that
spoke of radios and machetes in the
forests and towers
of youth

and since then i have moved
and the sun and stars have moved
not once
not twice
but three times

but why do i feel that the world’s first gods have
shifted one way and i another?
i was once a rising star too — a point above the rest, closely watched by eager eyes.
bets were wagered on when, where i would reach my zenith
some said today
some said never


today i lie
frozen rock and fuming ice
and darkened skies above
and it will be many turns before
the sun shines on these scorched plains
although it might never be seen again
through sentient eyes.

4 Responses to “comaetose”

  1. First: I want to make it clear that I’m not being glib with praise.

    Second: This is a BRILLIANT poem. Should be in an ICSE English textbook by the year 2020. And I’m not just saying that for the heck of it.


  2. thanks! glad you liked it

    about the 2020 bit… IF the world survives till then =D

  3. Yeeowza. Fantastic stuff. I’m not much a poetry guy, but I know awesomeness when I see it.

  4. Awesome poem.. but am still grappling with the fine print.

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