hee hee… look what i found

The Barmaid

Slightly tipsy, behind the counter she mixed a drink and fixed me up –
her first night on the job.
The Barmaid.

I drink, and she drinks and somethings intoxicate us both – a
synthetic madness-inducing poison courses through her veins, while
another madness grips me and sends my pulse racing.

And I wonder how it would be, this barmaid and me, by a beach or by a
fire – she makes the drinks, I provide her laughter – or under a great
and strange summer night painted in shades of purple & black.

And I see her serve the stupored – measuring, pouring, mixing, smiling
courteously at tips and compliments – with a mechanical precision she
has mastered. In the lean times, she sips her vodka – her only vice –
smoking a cigarette or two that admiring hangers-on like myself
readily procure for her.

Fate is written, the die is cast
And you lie here reading poetry half-assed
Hypocrites we are, down to the last &
Embrace the future but can’t forget the past.

Her voice – magical, mysterious, noteless, tuneless
sounds grating against the sense of my body – music to my soul. By day
she is quiet; reserve; thoughtful; and altogether bound, trapped, a
caged kitten resigned to her fate, forcing herself to be happy.

* * * *

It’s closing time; the lights go out around the house. She stands beneath the
last lit lamp
doing the books like she’s supposed to.

Where would she rather be?

I would like to take her there.

If she would let me.

Instead, I pay my tab & leave.

5 Responses to “hee hee… look what i found”

  1. Ooh! I like that.

    What is it about waitresses and barmaids, eh?

  2. Yup, a man does need a (bar)maid. Waitresses I’m not so sure about…never did like them much.

    A barlady – she was no maid – once gave me a lemon and chilli and brandy concoction for my cold. It was horrible. But she could juggle a bit, so that was fun. (And I’m not being a pervert, she did throw up on a bottle.)

    “Hee hee… look what I found” doesn’t prepare you for the noir poetry that follows. Nice!

  3. I actually like it Kas!
    Fabulous Imagery. the last line isn’t working
    but the rest of it is awesome!

    do u by any chance have a song called ‘teri deewani’? send please? thanks!

  4. dont stop writing kasewa..
    waiting for your next post

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