Sometimes things make sense. Sometimes, they don’t.

Does this? Do you?

Who decides? ‘What is art?’ is a question I explored today, with the help of a friend who’s into that kind of stuff. From what I gathered, anything constitutes art. Which means this is art, and youz betta reespekt it, mutha fukkers!

Art can be expressed as a rare commodity in economic terms; it can even be a rare commodity in some markets, and a common one in others; it could even be once-rare-original by artist F, who did it first, only to have his/her/its style copied by artist J at some later point, making artist F’s work even rarer, more-original, and more sought after than ever. Like the new Petronas Towers-like Empire State Buildings being built in Dubai because some dude sheikh couldn’t buy the damn original from the oosaa.





Sony made all their walkmens in a village named Usa.

Some people drop bombs, some jiggle their dongs, some worry about the threat from the bongs

who want to colonize and britishize the rest of this country’s west

I can’t relate, I want to debate the fate of this intrinsic hate.

But some can’t comtemplate that this ain’t some deep dark scheme,

Instead, it’s just some freestyle steam.

Peace out.

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  1. I highly recommend a documentary series called “The Shock of the New”. It’s a critic’s take on the history of modern art. While you may disagree with him, he’s very eloquent, and gives you a way of looking at art that might resolve some of these issues. There’s also a series called “Ways of Seeing” which is related. Episode 1 is on vimeo:

    Both series can be torrented from

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