vogon prose 2

what am i doing here?

something was  amiss.

do you think he will figure it out?

i don’t know, we’ll have to wait and see. can’t ever tell about dear Alex. but one thing for sure, we’re stuck with him. or are we? what choices do we have?

i… i don’t know.

huh. well, all right. so, coming back to Alex…

how did i get here?

wow. i didn’t see that coming. i thought he’d say something more like ‘oh no, not again’.

really? i was going for a long ramble, something like

imagine a room full of people. any people. they don’t all have to be the same, or even similar. but they don’t have to be different either. it just has to be a random bunch of people. think of something you’ve seen. yeah. hold on to that. what is it? come on, tell me… what’s your room like?

isnork! he said “what’s your room like?” as if he’s trying to get to know a girl

how do you know he’s not trying to get to know a guy?

you bastard.

now now, be polite. he asked you a question.

He did NOT ask mE a question.

ooooOOooo touchy! touchy! fine, then, i will. could you tell Alex what your room is like?

it’s muddy hole with diamonds for entertainment… ilikeawhisper!

what kinda stupid room is that?

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