flights and cheap hotels 1

i got off the ATR sweaty, grimy, hungry, and alone, but my first action was to sigh in relief that the dilapidated machine successfully completed what i had no doubt was going to be one of its last journeys.

i can never get used to arriving at an unknown airport. even on family vacations, where my child/tween/teen self would have been handed no responsibility except keeping to myself and not causing a mini-riot (after the pet-gerbil-in-my-handbag incident of ’93), i would feel a sense of apprehension, of burden. here was me, in a unknown  land. can i indulge in my regular childish habits and run across a road dogding cars? my mother’s firm grasp on my tiny wrist served as a not-so-subtle hint that i could not. with such conditioning have i grown. perennially in fear of making a mistake, and often without the tools to understand how not to.

at this tiny wayside excuse, we, paying passengers, were made to walk to the airport building. where were the 4-seater electric carts, or even a frigging bus? i thought it best not to ask; didn’t want to offend the locals so soon. i was here, after all, to examine the effects of improper disposal of chewing gum on the environment of this dustbowl (by order of the Supreme Ruler), with power to ban the chewing and spitting of all items not meant to be swallowed. and i suspected that should i recommend this, i would be offending a lot more people than one airport officer, and hopefully would be really, really far away at the time.

one consolation was that we were not made to carry our own suitcases from the aircraft, just our handbags. if i haven’t already told you that i regretted going on this journey, allow me to inform you that i regretted going on this journey the moment i sat in the damn ATR. tray tables that wouldn’t shut fell out at odd angles, poking poor passengers. seat cushions, where present, were in a state of disrepair. the smell of stale cigarette smoke lingered in the air. the skimpily-clad oh-so-sexy stewardess mentioned that there may not be a floatation device under our seats, so in event of a emergency landing over water, could you please share with your copassengers, tee hee! the whole scene resembled an airline uniform strip poker racket that had just been busted up a few hours earlier.

but even if i wasn’t entirely loathing the entire experience (thanks to the fact that nobody talked to me the entire flight, ah what bliss!), this quickly changed once i entered the airport building. the plane wasn’t even the tip of iceberg; what i beheld inside was nothing short of a liveried brothel of tease.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience, it’s very useful for me

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