flights and cheap hotels 2

as i walked across the threshold, i was overwhelmed by a strange cocktail of smells: cheap perfume lazily hung around in the air, unable to disguise the obvious stench of reflux. next, my eyes took a moment to adjust to the creatures lurking within the building.

the company i had on the plane was unusual to say the least. with my hat that’s shaped like a banana peel, i’m a shoo-in for ‘most-weirdly-dressed-person’ in any sort of gathering; here, i found that i wouldn’t have made it to the qualifiers. for starters, we had the fantastic four family: a dad in his oldest half-shirt and english mustard coloured pants, his wife in a bright pink and gold wrap-around with a matching blouse and platinum blonde hair in an afro do, their 7 year old obese boy wonder with an electric blue sleeveless vest a few sizes too small for him (and a beret to boot), and their precious 10 year old daughter in something terribly inappropriate. how do i mean? picture a little girl, barely clothed. a few fig leaves here and there. tattoo the rest of her, in psychedelically distracting patterns. remove fig leaves. 10 years old. I call her Negative Girl.

but the fashionless four, the rest of our copassengers — who came in all imaginable shapes, sizes, and halloween costumes — and me in my banana-peel hat couldn’t hold a candle to spectacle that awaited us inside the airport building. some of us who could comprehend the scenario suddenly felt like a child’s sketch hung in a room full of monets, rembrandts, van goghs, and da vincis: out of place because of our  sheer unimpressiveness, and utterly humiliated by it.

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  1. Where are the 500 words a day??? U… u… u slothbear!

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