preparing to recline

A seven minute poem
isn’t nearly the same as a poem in seven minutes
as pea a and pea b in pod x.
solve for x?
not a bad idea! i said
boldly going where nobody wanted to tread.
not from fear! what, here? never.
oh well maybe sometimes depending on the case,
and added confidently, certainly unlikely for
arbitrary positive
what font to use? fixed width or not?
personally i love a slim one but one with
some other dimension would do too
what, two dimensions? why not a fractal at
or one
point two six
no silly, two point six
stop pointing that thing at me you idiot
how many of us are in here, again?
two, maybe three?
oh really, i lost count after number eleven made an appearance.
i want to be eleven
somebody say my number?
you know? one script splits us into point oh four three–
SHUT UP!! what’s the point of it all anyway?

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