The Happiest Year – 3

ah. so i’m finally alone, in some sense. at f___, a____. here with t____, who i haven’t met in over a decade. she’s a hottie. heh. no, nothing has happened, and nothing will happen. just saying. anyway. full story is that we met at the engagement, and she wanted to head out, so i came with her. she’s dull. so seem the ppl she’s with. i’m sort of on chaperone (sp?) duty. going to head home soon. without her, she’s got other plans. have i enabled a runaway? i don’t know. but she’s sober, i hope she knows what she’s doing. i’m dancing to random music. just heard a remix of floyd. weird. must go home soon. miss you. lots to drink i have had. plan to post this up on my blog later. have you read it? when i was six, my brother told me to sit on a chair. i sat. he said no no no sit on it like this, and he demonstrated – he sat down really hard. okay i said. i can do that. so i went up to the chair. and tried to sit on it. very hard. to impress my brother. but he pulled the chair out from under me. and the part of my body where my ego is stored was bruised.

2 Responses to “The Happiest Year – 3”

  1. HolyTrance Says:

    Confused big time?
    *Random hopping*

  2. No, just drunk.

    You have a blog?

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