you don’t care about anything else

walk in to your room with boots on
talk too loud when exclaiming
sloppy kisser, noisy in bed
and i keep you up all night

no music there, i write shit poetry too
then show it to you

what do you do?

what a quick climax, i say!
oh, i know you like it that way.

yea, i laugh, and nod, and zone out
and you deal with it
i’m on your nerves, a lot, you know it.
with the; english, and all that randome (spelling mistake intentional) shit.

or would that be random shite?

so does it all make sense at the end?
is that what we’re waiting for, my girlfriend?


One Response to “you don’t care about anything else”

  1. Ah very nice. I see the together time is progressing swimmingly.

    In other news, I miss you come back the World Cup is slipping away!

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