reveling in the afternoon sun, burnishing your skin and burning mine

mellow after making merry yellow covers crinkled

i thinkled that this might’ve been the first night of the rest of my

disease; decaying; dramatically defying desperate drugs; dodges darts

heavy with hurtful happenings, heedless hotheadedness, i hit your heart

happily you bore it; brought me breakfast, breathed close to my bed to puncture my slumber

reacting with rage, i ripped the ribbon from around your shoulder

shredding the symbol of us synonyms


i remember our rambling rhymes being recourse for rewardless days; and without receding, retreating to relive the retired past i’d like to look for light and laughter, again, at last.

you were the only one who ever got this odd side of me; who actually ever brought it out in fluency

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