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to exist or not, that is often a question

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…to borrow form from dead poets or not, is sometimes not even a consideration.

Alex was slowly beginning to realize that much about existence was optional.

First, I think he grappled with the question of whether existence itself was optional. Realising that his parents had indeed not consulted him before his mother gave birth to him, he concluded that he was created regardless of whether he wanted to be created.

Was he then like a liberated slave, who did not know what it meant to be free? What would he do now with his freedom? Hmm…, he thought. So if creation is not optional, what about destruction, and the bits between?

Destruction, or death, demise, finito, he opined was clearly constructible. It could be done. A bullet to the head oughtta do it. Even a fall off the Eiffel Tower. Alex was French. He watched too many American Sitcoms.

Constructibility, or ‘free will’, as it were, Alex felt, needed motive. Can I go from one random act to another?, he asked. Rob a liquor store one day, preach the bible another? He then asked, Can I commit an arbitrary act of suicide?

It seemed highly improbable to Alex that unconstruction could be voluntarily random. No, it would need to be motivated by something.

With this thought Alex went to sleep, bent on dreaming up the depressing, the dreary, the dark matter that drums about in the mind of the Suicidal.

(to be continued, hopefully)

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