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“loneliness with a touch of romance”

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mine’s a sky without stars
where moments feel like hours
and monsoon’s missing showers
but the gray gloom stays, it never goes away

you walked a path away from me
i just lay here quietly
hiding pain that ate me blatantly
left alone in misery

so when the sky’s without stars
would you think of the hours
when we ran across mars
of our rise and fall… now i’m crippled to a crawl

i woke up in an empty bed
thinking of all the words you said
and the letter you left that i never read
couldn’t take what was happening in my head

and when the stars in the sky
see me spinning by
it’s just another broken ember to die
and it would sadden no one
know the things that i have done
the moon, and the sun, and the stars, and the sky
don’t ever want me to deny
this pain that i’m feeling inside
an exploding heart makes us alive

and i won’t see you on the other side
when my scars have healed and my time has arrived
not even a memory, not even an aside
“who’s this about? — it’s fiction, no doubt”


tried to write a song on the title subject. yeah yeah i know i have more than digressed, taken a lot of poetic liberty, and haven’t fit it to any sensible rhyme and meter. but i had fun! hope you liked it to. comments, as usual, are welcome


Doodles 18

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It’s a beautiful day. Let’s rejoice!

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Doodles 6

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Happening as we sip =)

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Doodles 5

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The Happiest Year – 3

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ah. so i’m finally alone, in some sense. at f___, a____. here with t____, who i haven’t met in over a decade. she’s a hottie. heh. no, nothing has happened, and nothing will happen. just saying. anyway. full story is that we met at the engagement, and she wanted to head out, so i came with her. she’s dull. so seem the ppl she’s with. i’m sort of on chaperone (sp?) duty. going to head home soon. without her, she’s got other plans. have i enabled a runaway? i don’t know. but she’s sober, i hope she knows what she’s doing. i’m dancing to random music. just heard a remix of floyd. weird. must go home soon. miss you. lots to drink i have had. plan to post this up on my blog later. have you read it? when i was six, my brother told me to sit on a chair. i sat. he said no no no sit on it like this, and he demonstrated – he sat down really hard. okay i said. i can do that. so i went up to the chair. and tried to sit on it. very hard. to impress my brother. but he pulled the chair out from under me. and the part of my body where my ego is stored was bruised.

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