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on being 25-30

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not old but no longer young
not stupid but not yet wise
not immature but not mature
not rich but not penniless
not particularly attractive but not downright ugly
not rewarded for excellence but not insulated from flak
not naive but not skeptical
not id not superego
not balanced not comfortable


Doodles 17

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Just playing around with a black background. Mobilepaint has a lot of light colours which can’t be seen too well on its default uneditable white background. Had to first colour the whole thing black with the pencil and a thick brush. Note the sides aren’t blacked fully; that’s because mobilepaint doesn’t let you use the whole drawing area. Anyway. The electricity is on the fritz, so i hope this post goes thru on my gprs services.

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Doodles 14

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Thank you all for coming! It was awesome

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Doodles 4

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“So obviously dull”

flights and cheap hotels 2

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as i walked across the threshold, i was overwhelmed by a strange cocktail of smells: cheap perfume lazily hung around in the air, unable to disguise the obvious stench of reflux. next, my eyes took a moment to adjust to the creatures lurking within the building.

the company i had on the plane was unusual to say the least. with my hat that’s shaped like a banana peel, i’m a shoo-in for ‘most-weirdly-dressed-person’ in any sort of gathering; here, i found that i wouldn’t have made it to the qualifiers. for starters, we had the fantastic four family: a dad in his oldest half-shirt and english mustard coloured pants, his wife in a bright pink and gold wrap-around with a matching blouse and platinum blonde hair in an afro do, their 7 year old obese boy wonder with an electric blue sleeveless vest a few sizes too small for him (and a beret to boot), and their precious 10 year old daughter in something terribly inappropriate. how do i mean? picture a little girl, barely clothed. a few fig leaves here and there. tattoo the rest of her, in psychedelically distracting patterns. remove fig leaves. 10 years old. I call her Negative Girl.

but the fashionless four, the rest of our copassengers — who came in all imaginable shapes, sizes, and halloween costumes — and me in my banana-peel hat couldn’t hold a candle to spectacle that awaited us inside the airport building. some of us who could comprehend the scenario suddenly felt like a child’s sketch hung in a room full of monets, rembrandts, van goghs, and da vincis: out of place because of our ¬†sheer unimpressiveness, and utterly humiliated by it.

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