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Doodles 17

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Just playing around with a black background. Mobilepaint has a lot of light colours which can’t be seen too well on its default uneditable white background. Had to first colour the whole thing black with the pencil and a thick brush. Note the sides aren’t blacked fully; that’s because mobilepaint doesn’t let you use the whole drawing area. Anyway. The electricity is on the fritz, so i hope this post goes thru on my gprs services.

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Doodles 7

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vogon prose 1

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so it begins. the drums beat wildly across the ancient night. d d d d d d d d d d d d d d ddd d d d d d d d d dd d d woman on couch in fetal position | technicolour mashup | does that look like a typewriter with a microphone poking itself in the eye? | giving titles to pictures. use? amusement. humour. LoLcats, dude. yeah. fuck. fucked that one up. well. it was a picture of a cat only. yeah. heh… yeah. you don’t have a clue about what i’m saying right now, do you? awesome. awesome. I got you. or Not? Or not? OoOOoooOoooO are you channeNnelling Doctor WhO??///?//?????? stroking thumbs between words… aha! i think i just noticed that my middle finger taps.. the . key, instead of the ooo… this is interesting. basically i move my fingers… aha.

heh… too obscure. no, devil, you can’t make me. fancing finsgetsa dim the duma ow imf aj jaindrn;aldjfa jsie fjslkams’ a


it must be something shiny, little drummer boy

{italics} are you going publish this? {/italics}

Am I going to publish this?, Alex asked himself.

Haha! This is new!! Yes. Yes yes yes… this is interesting. So:- Alex is the one asking himself (in rather unusual english “are you going to publish this?” meaning that he

you know what, treat it like a conjecture. try and figure out what it means. it might take you 400 years. i hope it doesn’t. because then i won’t be around to know you got it.

it’s been fun. yeah. it’s all good.

(oct 9, 2009) added the tag ‘conjecture’, among others.

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