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reveling in the afternoon sun, burnishing your skin and burning mine

mellow after making merry yellow covers crinkled

i thinkled that this might’ve been the first night of the rest of my

disease; decaying; dramatically defying desperate drugs; dodges darts

heavy with hurtful happenings, heedless hotheadedness, i hit your heart

happily you bore it; brought me breakfast, breathed close to my bed to puncture my slumber

reacting with rage, i ripped the ribbon from around your shoulder

shredding the symbol of us synonyms


i remember our rambling rhymes being recourse for rewardless days; and without receding, retreating to relive the retired past i’d like to look for light and laughter, again, at last.

you were the only one who ever got this odd side of me; who actually ever brought it out in fluency

procrastinating at 6am

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there once was a person who once had some work
and that work that person would shirk
and s/he deemed this fit
for s/he knew that it
was wholely a job without perk.

“loneliness with a touch of romance”

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mine’s a sky without stars
where moments feel like hours
and monsoon’s missing showers
but the gray gloom stays, it never goes away

you walked a path away from me
i just lay here quietly
hiding pain that ate me blatantly
left alone in misery

so when the sky’s without stars
would you think of the hours
when we ran across mars
of our rise and fall… now i’m crippled to a crawl

i woke up in an empty bed
thinking of all the words you said
and the letter you left that i never read
couldn’t take what was happening in my head

and when the stars in the sky
see me spinning by
it’s just another broken ember to die
and it would sadden no one
know the things that i have done
the moon, and the sun, and the stars, and the sky
don’t ever want me to deny
this pain that i’m feeling inside
an exploding heart makes us alive

and i won’t see you on the other side
when my scars have healed and my time has arrived
not even a memory, not even an aside
“who’s this about? — it’s fiction, no doubt”


tried to write a song on the title subject. yeah yeah i know i have more than digressed, taken a lot of poetic liberty, and haven’t fit it to any sensible rhyme and meter. but i had fun! hope you liked it to. comments, as usual, are welcome

joint production

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kill me now
I wish I knew how
To end a life
To use a knife
from the kitchen
Life is bitchin
oh god
were you happy last night? with the stoning in sight?
passively you got high, actively you might deny
that your brain is fried
so try
to remove and replace the thoughts of misery and distaste
My mind is gone
My sight is worn
The age of laughter is through
I must start anew
To find a way to stay in touch
With the world I hate so much
I wish I could tell
Scream, shout, yell
But I don’t know why I weep
I don’t know why I can’t sleep
My life it seems a shallow waste
a case of geostigma, the doctor said
Filled with the afroementioned distate
getting some rest, going to bed
will not mend this debilitating state
poetry i hate
somewhere along the way, it stops to flow
like a river dropping out of existence, under the surface still there
thats grammatically incorrect you know
Unable to reach the ground
Desperate to be found
But cursed to loneliness below
Untill its waters cease to flow
In punishment for being desired
The river must now be expired
(dude we are awesome!)
i’m putting this up on my blog, i called it
you can’t, no you can’t
ok sure
I wont be a bore
I let you have the joy of verse
and its neverending curse
And on my grave once I lose the fight
You must carve in full sight
These words we made in jest one day
As a memory for all to say
There is the river, the bed is dry
They rhyme why did they try?
*they cant rhyme why did they try?
for all to say, or see?
to sea! to sea! said the captain, merrily
and so, the river, carried out her path
and lay to rest at land’s end
to the ocean around the bend
Bubbling with repressed joy
Using her like a toy
to express all that went wrong
When she tried to sing her song
Karaoke it never started
before we were forced to be parted

preparing to recline

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A seven minute poem
isn’t nearly the same as a poem in seven minutes
as pea a and pea b in pod x.
solve for x?
not a bad idea! i said
boldly going where nobody wanted to tread.
not from fear! what, here? never.
oh well maybe sometimes depending on the case,
and added confidently, certainly unlikely for
arbitrary positive
what font to use? fixed width or not?
personally i love a slim one but one with
some other dimension would do too
what, two dimensions? why not a fractal at
or one
point two six
no silly, two point six
stop pointing that thing at me you idiot
how many of us are in here, again?
two, maybe three?
oh really, i lost count after number eleven made an appearance.
i want to be eleven
somebody say my number?
you know? one script splits us into point oh four three–
SHUT UP!! what’s the point of it all anyway?

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