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metajour 1

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Friday, October 2:

Party tonight! Should be a nice menagerie of school, college and bschool friends. Today I learned what steampunk is. Fascinating stuff what fankids do these days. You really have to be into a thought, an idea to put together some crazy cool stuff, like this.

Saturday, October 3:

It’s now the next day. As always, I have only the foggiest memories of the shit that went down last night. I still can’t focus on the computer screen. Anyhow. My holiday has finally come to an end; I catch a flight back to Hyderabad at 4 today. Fine; I don’t start work till Monday, but this break was about Delhi, and that’s going to be missing shortly. .

Random rambling, on the same day:

“Said gap ‘twixt ‘d’ and ‘f’ shall not slip from lips” … one of the flashes of brilliances in Gilmore Girls.


What does one tag? (Immediately ‘metablog’ comes to mind) Wrote something about going mad on the tags a long long time ago, which I can’t find any more. I’m amazed how people meticulously link to their older posts, especially those who’ve written hundreds of them!

I suppose one way is type them in this here “Post Tags” field as we go along. Another, and what I’m told is a good practice for writers, is to read an entry once you’re done — you might come up with some ideas for tags, then.

Right now’s issue, of course, is the fact that my wordpress theme seems to limit my tag cloud… so all my new tags post like a year ago don’t show up.

I will try and remedy this, without picking too hideous a theme.


did it all come together at the end?

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I wonder what I’m going to write about in the coming piece. Can my various disconnected thoughts be strung together into a well-made daisy chain of ideas?

Let’s examine that sentence. How does this sound?

Can I string together my various disconnected thoughts into a well-made daisy chain of ideas?

How about flipping those strings around?

Can I string together a well-made daisy chain of ideas out of my various disconnected thoughts?

Let’s drop some words. Can I string together a daisy chain of ideas out of my disconnected thoughts?

Tight. Tighter? Can I string a daisy chain of ideas from my disconnected thoughts?

Let’s add a little pretense, and a little poetry: Can I craft a daisy chain of ideas from my broken thoughts?

Suddenly, that sentence sounds weird to the crafter, who doesn’t exactly know what a daisy chain is. Until now. Can I craft a mosaic of ideas from my splintered thoughts?

How does one write? Especially if one want to simply discover it, akin to how with the tools of mathematical analysis one can discover new theorems, previously unknown, which could never be taught?

Of course, today, virtually nothing would be discovered for the first time. Nonetheless, discovering something for oneself is a thrill in itself. The feeling of being drenched to the bone in a torrential thunderstorm is indeed ‘discovered’ by many people during their lives. And while one might not remember the first time it happens to him, its impact is defining, deciding whether or not he would allow himself to undergo such as experience again.

But I meander. Any thoughts on discovering writing? How did you do it? Here’s my experiment. Write. A few hundred words. Everyday, if possible; but well, I’m no six-sigma. Play with the language, the style, the words. See how and where things go. Comments, as always, are expected. Do you expect replies to your comments too?

This blog is not meant to create dialogue with readers; however should it, I will try my best to make that dialogue meaningful for all concerned. Currently, this blog in an experiment in the art and skill of writing. I do not know if the cartooning shall continue — I certainly hope it shall — so I’m sorry if I have disappointed any readers who were looking forward to them.

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